Fall is always a hit or miss. Either the leaves continue to fall and pumpkins plucked for its duration or winter decides to take over and comes swishing in with all its frigidness.  The small little flurries falling to the ground cause much excitement at first, but then once they begin to multiply in numbers and stick to the ground, we are reminded once more  of the hazards they cause. We at Robert Green Chrysler Dodge Jeep want  all our  Monticello drivers to stay safe on those icy, snowy roads. That's why we recommend you follow these few tips before heading on the road this season.

  • Make sure your engine doesn't corrode by using a coolant with ethylene glycol
  • Upgrade to winter tires.
  • Select a washer fluid that is able to wash away all that winter gunk. We recommend the antifreeze solution.
  • Pack an emergency kit with things like flares, blankets, boots, radio, engine, oil and washer fluid

And if all else fail, know that you can always rely on our specialists in the service center to get your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep running good as new.

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