Salt, Sand or Cat Litter for Winter Traction?

Did you know that rock salt is not your only choice for traction in snow and ice? There are several different options that are cheaper and better for the environment here in Monticello, NY, and the Robert Green Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram team can help.

Salt might melt the snow and ice, but that makes it harmful for plants and animals. When it dissolves in the water, plants and animals may absorb or ingest the salt water, causing harm. Instead you can use kitty litter for when your vehicle gets stuck. Kitty litter creates traction when it is spread behind the tires and absorbs excess water. You may not want to use it on your driveway. When it absorbs too much water, it tends to become a sticky mess.

Sand is better for your driveway. Sand creates traction and does not make an impossible mess when the ice melts. It is also really easy to find and the cheapest option out there. Plus, sand is way better for the environment. Learn more about winter traction at our dealership in Monticello today!

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