Brake fluid is necessary to enable the functioning of a vehicle's braking system. The fluid is designed for use under high pressure and temperature conditions. The fluid creates compression within the brake lines. When a driver applies the brake, the fluid puts pressure on the brake rotors, which puts pressure on the wheels to slow or stop the vehicle.

Although there are many types of brake fluid, the two main types are glycol-based and silicon-based. Glycol-based brake fluid is typically installed in vehicles having anti-lock brake systems. Silicon-based fluid is used primarily in cars and trucks not having anti-lock brake systems.

The fluid in the braking system may need replacing if the warning light on the dashboard indicates a problem with your brakes. Other indications include taking longer distances to stop or the brake pedal does not quickly respond. If noticing a problem, our technicians at Robert Green Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are happy to inspect and correct the issue.

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