Drive Farther in the 2018 Ram ProMaster City

Despite its larger body and powerful engine, the 2018 Ram ProMaster City is capable of going farther without having to stop for refueling. The popular dual-purpose passenger wagon/cargo van is equipped with a number of advanced features that make the most out of your fuel supply.

The ProMaster City comes standard with a 2.4L engine. It's connected to a pulse-width-modulated fuel pump. The pump works in tandem with the engine to deliver the appropriate amount of fuel that's required. It won't provide any more or any less. This can help to improve efficiency. Overall, the ProMaster City has a highway fuel economy of 28 mpg. Pair that with the sizable 16-gallon fuel tank, and you'll be able to drive for approximately 448 miles until you hit empty.

Come see us at Robert Green Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Monticello. We'll give you a tour of our 2018 Ram ProMaster City lineup and give you the opportunity to test one out on the road.

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