Durability Features in the This Year’s Ram ProMaster

The crew working here at Robert Green Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are excited that the new Ram ProMaster is on our lot. Part of the reason for all the excitement is this popular cargo van comes with a number of durability features making driving safer.

The new Ram ProMaster has an antilock braking system that helps keep your precious cargo safer in holding area. No longer will the vehicle skid to a stop if the brakes are needed suddenly, instead, even distribution of braking power slows the vehicle safely. Cargo will not shift suddenly if the brakes are pressed in an emergency.

Another way the driver of the new Ram ProMaster is safer behind the wheel has to do with the layout of key components in the van. The driver seat is raised, the front end is shorter, and the windshield is wider, helping to increase total visibility by improving the vantage point for the driver.



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