When you think of the Dodge Grand Caravan, you might think of high gas consumption because it's a larger vehicle. However, the Caravan offers several fuel-efficiency features that can save you money when you fill your gas tank.

One of the details that you'll notice is that the transmission has been redesigned so that the gears shift a bit smoother. When your transmission shifts appropriately, then the vehicle doesn't use as much fuel reaching the point where it's supposed to change gears. It can also change gears at lower speeds, which can also mean better fuel efficiency while driving in Monticello.

The tires on the Grand Caravan are also a bit smaller at 17 inches. The design means that there is less resistance when you're on the road, allowing each ride to be as comfortable and smooth as possible. When your vehicle flows smoothly, then you aren't using as much fuel. Robert Green Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram can ensure that your tires stay inflated properly to maintain your fuel mileage.


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