The terms bumper-to-bumper and powertrain are common ones that come up regarding vehicle purchases. These options are two of the most common warranties offered with the purchase of a vehicle. Though there are similarities between both of these warranty options, there are also some key differences that you need to be aware of.

Coverage That You Can Expect With Powertrain Warranties

The coverage offered through powertrain warranties focuses on your vehicle's engine and transmission as well as other elements related to its propulsion. Generally speaking, anything that is involved with powering the vehicle's driveshaft and wheels will be covered by powertrain warranties.

Coverage That You Can Expect With Bumper-to-Bumper Warranties

In contrast to powertrain warranties that focus on a vehicle's system of propulsion, bumper-to-bumper warranties take care of much more. For this reason, it is also commonly referred to as a comprehensive warranty. This type of coverage generally includes systems such as the air conditioning, electronics, and many components related to the suspension of the vehicle.

The main thing to consider when comparing powertrain warranties to their bumper-to-bumper counterparts is the fact that the latter is far more comprehensive than the former which just focuses on the powertrain of the vehicle.


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