Buying a car is not like applying cheese or margarine. It’s a crucial decision you have to make, and a car’s safety features should form the foundation of your choices. Jeep Renegade is one subcompact SUV that caters to your performance concerns and safety. Robert Green Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Ram has this SUV in stock for any information you might need.

First, you’re sure of maintaining your lane wherever you drive this car in Monticello regardless of its narrow roads. The LaneSense lane departure warning will alert you whenever you attempt departing from your lane. If you don’t heed, the Lane Keep Assist will easily restore your car to its lane. Besides, these features help you from veering off the road.

If you’re a lover of speed, you’re sure of safety through Jeep Renegade’s forward-collision warning. It works alongside the Active Braking assist, which slows your car down if there’s an impending collision.

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